Friday, June 13, 2008

now for a lighter post...

I refuse to turn my oven on in this heat, so I'm looking for more recipes that don't take much time to make and don't heat up the whole house... What do you make for dinner when it's hot outside??? Will you share a recipe with me?


Jeannette said...

I love gazpacho in teh summer. Will have to go dig my recipe, though.

Keri said... has a yummy 7-layer salad up right now.

I also really like She has a falafel salad.

What about chicken salad sandwiches, quesadillas, of course grilling grilling grilling... :)

Jim Hardt said...

well, I was considering pizza tonight since our A/C was out most of the day and it was 109 in the shade today according to my weather station on my porch (HOT, HOT, HOT). But it's the desert so its a dry heat. Not sure about the gazpacho with the tomato problems right now. Maybe a cool shrimp and cucumber dill soup. I used to make it with left over potato leek soup. Just add those three ingredients to processed potato soup (VICHYSOISSE). Make sure to peel and seed the cucumbers and remove the shrimp tails.