Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Goals, reachable and unreachable, before the baby comes

...finish painting details on exterior of the house
...sidewalk finished
...bookshelf in living room
...picnic table on deck, built and treated
...kids' rooms settled and reorganized
...Clara into big girl bed... done
...Clara potty trained... mostly done
...research/buy newborn size cloth diapers, to get us through until the motherease ones will fit under his clothes
...research/buy/make(?) sling
...learn about pros and cons of baby wearing, a very controversial subject, depending on who you talk to
...sort through what little baby boy clothes I have and take inventory of what I need
...get ahead on homeschool and preorder Dana's first grade curriculum
...set up ballet lessons for Janie for the Fall
...sign Dana up for soccer in the Fall
...make baby quilt for little Monahan, since I'm out of my old blankies
...get away with Matt for a few days... on our anniversary, July 3rd


jen said...

yo karen... i got a baby sling you can have if you like... I had very high hopes about it and it just didn't take... for me... nevertheless, you are welcome to it. It is sage green and was ordered from Hotslings... you can check em out on the www

let me know if you would likey it. smile

Karen said...

What size is it? I'm kind of in between sling sizes, because of my height and tiny chest. I looked at hotslings last night though and they look super nice.

roadrunner201 said...


I'm part of a cloth diaper forum on babyfit.com. Those women are full of opinions on the matter, so when I come across a cloth diaper that I think sounds good, I ask them what their experiences have been and someone always has something helpful to share.

I just got 21 Fuzi Bunzs (normally a $19.95 diaper) off of Craigslist, barely used for $200 total. Plus, don't forget that the Dixie Highway yard sale starts on Friday (from Ringgold to Marietta) on Hwy 41.

Antoinette said...

"ort through what little baby boy clothes I have and take inventory of what I need" - when that baby boy outgrows those clothes you might want to look into a baby clothes quilt kit - it's a great keepsake and a perfect gift.