Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ABCs and 123s

If you have kids and you like They Might Be Giants even a little bit, you've got to check these videos out. They're on youtube, but I think we'll need to buy the DVD/CD combo sets sometime soon. Thanks to Michelle for reminding me about these last night. Now I'm wondering how we could get the whole family to a concert somewhere.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Check this out. It's part funny, part true, part offensive. Click on it to enlarge and read he text this is a Good Housekeeping article from 1955 and I've had it emailed to me a few times.

What I do like about it is that it encourages wives to put their husbands first. What I don't like is the underlying assumption that husbands shouldn't be expected to lift a finger or that men are somehow superior to women. Obviously, some of the comments are a little over the top. You can't help but laugh at most of it. Thankfully, I have a husband who sacrifices himself daily for me and for our kids. He's very helpful and doesn't get bent out of shape about our cluttered house, because he knows I'm doing my best.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


This week was Matt's spring break and we just wrapped up our restful week with a very busy work day at our house. I'm lacking the mental power to explain it all, so I'll just say that I'm so grateful for the generosity of the folks who came to share their labor today. We are so blessed with great friends.

And on top of all of this, it's Easter weekend. In all of the hustle to get the house ready for the work day and keep the work day running, I've had no time to reflect or to share the Easter story with the kids again. Even though the kids got to bed late tonight, I kept them up just a bit longer to tell the Easter story to them. I tried to tell it simply, though that's hard to do with certian details. I told them more about how Jesus suffered than I've ever shared with them and thankfully, instead of squirming and being silly, they took it all in and listened with thoughtful eyes. At one point, when I told them about Jesus' loved ones standing close to him as he died, Dana's eyes welled up with tears. He said, "Mommy? Was His mommy so sad?" He wiped his eyes and I couldn't help crying with him. Dana's only 6, but he knows what it cost Jesus to die that horrible death. Thankfully the story doesn't end there and we were able to talk about Jesus coming to life again with a new body, just like we will some day. You know, even with the diaper changes, messy bath times, stomach viruses, and sleepless nights it's my joy to be their mommy and there's little in this world that compares with watching their eyes light up with love for Jesus. And as I bumble through the daily tasks that make up my life with them I'm clinging to the power that Jesus showed when He conquered death and saved us from ourselves. I don't have it all together and my crazy messy house stands as a testament to that. I need my Savior and I'm so glad He lives.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Matt updated our mac from tiger to leopard and now I can't upload pictures to my blog or to anything else... we're working on it, but I have a feeling that there won't be much progress until after Spring break. Both of us are teaching Sunday school this quarter and Matt's finishing up a seminary class and taking an exam.

So no pictures. But, I'll leave you with this fabulous quote from Dana.

I'm ironing in the kitchen and Dana says (as if I'm the child and he's the Daddy), "Wow, Mommy! You're ironing! Good for you!"