Thursday, June 26, 2008

checking in

You probably won't hear much from me this summer, as we're immersed in the usual summer schedule... VBS at our church, visits from family, a few short trips away from home, and plenty of time in the kiddie pool, with popsicle in hand.

Matt and I just returned from taking our youth group to RYM, a great Christian camp in Laguna Beach, FL. We left our kids with my brave parents, which made it possible to give all of our attention to the youth group, a rare opportunity. We were both overwhelmed with the relationships that were strengthened and the spiritual growth that we saw in the youth. It was very encouraging and very much worth all of the deadlines and prep work it took to get us there.

Baby Monahan is looking good so far. My awful nausea ended a few weeks ago and aside from swollen ankles and some anemia, I feel fine. Even the heartburn that I always deal with is giving me a break this time. Praise God for that. My heartburn is usually pretty terrible, so even if I get it later, I'm enjoying it's absence now. ;)

The kids are all healthy and enjoying a visit from our nephew Sam. He's about a year older than Dana and has red hair too. They're quite the posse when we're out and about. I need to get a few things at the store this afternoon, so we'll see how it goes.


katiek said...

I'm glad your not sick anymore. I feel like apologizing to mamas that get really bad sick. I just don't! I get headaches though. Could your anemia use some of my leafy greens I'm getting from our local CSA? I remember when I was pregnant with Jos I was applying for WIC and they checked my iron level. They seemed surprised that it was good (I guess they see alot of anemia,sickle-cell etc). I said, "Yeah, I eat meat and green veggies!" they looked at me wierd. I wonder if you'll have another red-head! I've been thinking that too, I could end up with a very dark-haired kiddo as Joel and I both are the result of recessive genes. We'll see!

Karen said...

Ooo. Leafy greens sound great! As bad as it sounds, I really would be thrilled to have my last baby be a dark haired one. That's not to say that God couldn't give us another baby... and I know that if this one has red hair, I'll treasure his red locks just like I did with the others. It just sounds so nice to look at a little person who looks like you.