Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a wrench in the works

There has been a disgusting, violent gi virus going around our church and it hit me on Saturday night. Childbirth aside, I don't know that I've ever felt worse. Severe vomitting and other unmentionables from 10:30pm to 5am, followed by 24 hours of stomach pain, body aches, and nausea. Too much pain to sleep for very long and too much nausea to eat. Ugh. Yesterday (Day 3?), I felt well enough to get out of bed twice and to eat some ramen noodles. I also discovered these lovely Thai noodles that Matt found at the grocery store. They really hit the spot.

Most of the time I was sick, I laid in my bed thinking that I should be learning something from all of this. One thought that kept coming back was that there are Christians who struggle with pain and sickness for their whole life. What a struggle. I am so incredibly thankful for my health and the fact that Matt was home on a three-day weekend when I got sick.

The bummer is that Jane's girly birthday party was planned for Monday, and we had to cancel it, just in case this spreads to the rest of the house before the week's out. I don't think we'll be able to reschedule either. We'll just do a family thing tomorrow, on her real birthday. It's a good thing that she's so little, because she's blissfully ignorant anyway. :)


Mandi said...

i'm SO sorry -- we had it last Sunday/Monday and you're right it's horrible!

linda said...

Praying you'll pull through. Sorry about Jane's b-day party. We'll have a night out when you get all better.