Friday, January 05, 2007

Father knows best

During a Post-Christmas celebration at our house, Matt gave Dana the digital camera, which really upset me. What if he dropped it?! Evidently, I had a pretty annoyed look on my face, because Matt gave me the "Chill, Mama" look. Lucky for Matt and Dana, my entire extended family was standing there, so I dropped the subject (at least until I could find a way to sneak the camera away from Dana).

In the meantime, I began to watch my son with the camera very closely. He was doing a great job and for my reluctant patience, I got the reward of about 140 pictures. They were wonderful. It's so amazing to look at life and family through his eyes. Here are a few of my favorites.


tucker said...

No one but Dana could have taken the picture of the large nostriled Hitlerisk individual

Love to you and your family,

Karen said...

Funny, I don't remember seeing Hitler at the party, but pictures don't lie. ;)


linda said...

Hey cool pics Dana! I especially like the one of the tree. I like the new blog Karen, I was never able to see the pictures on the other one I guess cause of dial up.

keri said...

Hi, Karen. I have been following your chattablog for a while and am happy to see your new blogspot blog. I have been very pleased with the ease of it. Check out my blog

I'm glad you all are doing well.

Keri Young

Marsha said...

reat pix, especially of noses and legs. What a child,s world looks like. Mom

Rick said...

Karen, that's not Hilter, that's the guy who played Hitler in The Producers.
I love the low angle perspective of the shots. Watch for that to change gradually in the coming years as Dana takes more photos.

John and Katie Flanagan said...

I love the new blog, and I love you! We are going to miss you guys big time!!