Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the Light

So... I was making mac and cheese for the kids today, and Janie says, "Mommy, I see Jesus outside, right there" (she points out the kitchen window). I asked her if she was pretending and she said "no". Then she asked me, "Mommy, isn't Jesus the Light?" I wasn't sure how to explain that one. It's a pretty abstract concept. What I did say was that Jesus is the Light, but not exactly the same thing as the light coming in the window.


John and Katie Flanagan said...

I love that little girl.

Liz said...

That's too cute! I added y'all's blog to the links on my blogspot. I don't know if you have my address or not: http://mccreafamilyfl.blogspot.com/ At least she's not telling you she's going to die on the cross. Sean went through a phase where he told me that all the time!

lynnp said...

I've had to try and explain the trinity to Gid a few times lately. "So they're all three God but there's only one God." "Oh."