Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kitty has a home

"Cutie Pie" now has a home. After much snuggling with the kids last night, we handed her off to Scott Gast and he took her home to his family. They have a bit more room for her to roam and their kids have been begging for a cat. Dana's pretty sad, because they had a special bond. He named her "Cutie Pie", because he said she was the cutest cat in the whole world. He really did adore her and it seems that Cutie Pie reciprocated the adoration. She slept curled against him last night until Scott came. Had we kept her, I'm sure they would have been good buddies. Matt and I really considered keeping her, but between my allergies and Bailey's nutso-ness, it just didn't make sense. The fact that we even considered keeping her though is proof that she was the sweetest cat I've ever known. Last night Scott even asked Matt, "Are you sure you don't want to keep her?" She's so obviously a beautiful little creature.
The silver lining was that it was a great lesson for Dana. We talked about how God cares for even the littlest and most helpless animals, like poor Cutie Pie with the hurt eye. God brought her to us to help her and find a home for her and God cares for Dana the same way, only so much more. I think it was the first tangible example for Dana of the way our strong and mighty God orchestrates every little detail to care for his own broken and helpless creatures. Hopefully, he'll think of this sweet stray kitty when he feels lonely or sad and remember that God cares for him. At the very least, I've learned a lot from this.

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ScottG said...

Thanks again for the cat. Our kids are loving & really enjoying her, and the cat seems to be adjusting really well.

Dana (and family) of course is welcome any time to come out to our Wildwood compound and visit with the cat!