Monday, January 07, 2008

Anyone want a sweet kitty?

Those of you who have heard me rant about the cat situation with our neighbors, laugh if you will. I have always been a cat lover, I just love the cats who love me back and don't poop all over my basement, but I'm off topic.

A very sweet kitty, whom the kids have named Cutie Pie, has adopted us. She wants to come inside and cosy up. The kids adore her, but I'm allergic to cats. She's got an injured eye (nothing gross, but it's clouded over like she's blind in it). She seems to be afraid of other cats and doesn't want to be outside. She's also very friendly and very tolerant of the kids manhandling her. We think she must be an indoor cat that escaped. We'd take her to the pound, but she's such a sweet little thing. She would make a great pet for someone. Any takers?

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John and Katie Flanagan said...

What a sweetie. Can you ship her to Holland? Miss you. Things ae good, but busy. The closing went fine and we are up to our ears in paint, etc.