Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tooth trauma

So after successfully making a really kick butt dinner, we start to set the table. Then, Dana, who is standing on a kid-chair in order to see the meatloaf on the counter, falls off the chair somehow and smacks his lower back and butt on the tile floor. He's screaming, gasping for air and in a general panic. Then, we finally get him calmed down and sit down to eat. After a few minutes, the boy bites down on his loose tooth so hard that Matt and I hear the skin-crawling crack of bone on bone. There went my appetite. Now he's screaming again and there's blood and the tooth is still in tact. Repeat the above trauma three times over and you have our dinner time.

When will this tooth come out???? The boy is in misery and every time he hurts himself by biting it, I go to eebie-jeebie land. Suggestions?? Anyone else had the same experience with a first loose tooth?

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katiek said...

top or bottom tooth? Josiah's first was a grey "bopped" tooth. No complaints about any of his teeth except I had to curb apples for awhile, he couldn't get a good angle on them with both his top teeth being iffy. He lost both is top teeth in the past 5 months. Man, that sounds gross. I guess I'd just encourage him to play with it,twist it, and yank it out! Let the little boy in him get gnarly and gross! Josiah lost his last tooth at school and they made such a BIG DEAL about it. Maybe encourage him with a "big deal"?