Sunday, October 19, 2008

My first tag

My sister Katie tagged me. This is a blogging first for me, which isn't saying much, b/c I'm a lazy untalented blogger to begin with. ;)

5 Joys:

1. Matt. I went on an on about him a couple posts ago, so I won't go crazy listing why. Suffice it to say that those of you who know him understand that he's a joy to know, and for me a joy to be married to.

2. My kids, all four of them, even though I haven't met the fourth one yet.

3. Cooking. It's stress relief and cooking in the Fall is more than that. It's sheer delight. Fresh apple everything, stew in the crock pot, and fresh hot bread. What could be better on a chilly day when the air is crisp and clear?

4. Reading a very good book, when I don't have to be anywhere or be responsible for anyone.

5. Sleeping in. It's rare, but a guilt-free sleep in is golden.

5 Fears (I won't even list the 3am fears. They're over the top):

1. Making a major mistake with my kids and having them suffer as a result.

2. Looking like a fool in front of other people.

3. Snakes!!! This is a real phobia. I can't count the number of unprovoked nightmares I've had about snakes.

4. Dark water. Particularly falling into dark water and having something pull me down from the deep...

5. What's worse than #4 is my child falling into dark water and me possibly not being able to save them.

5 Obsessions:

1. Neat and tidy sheets and blankets while I'm sleeping.

2. Loading the dishwasher properly! Each piece has it's place for optimal cleaning and efficient loading.

3. Folding clothes the "right" way, although I've calmed down with this a bit. I need any help I can get these days.

4. Watching House. It's a great show. Even Matt likes it and he hates tv.

5. Reading all of your blogs! I check in way too often.

5 Surprising facts:

1. I used to be a bit of an artist and did pretty well with a pencil and/ or watercolor. I don't remember the last time I tried to create anything, but I used to love it.

2. I'm not just joking when I say my house is a mess. It really is.

3. There's nothing surprising about me!! This is pathetic. Sorry I'm cheating and calling it quits here.

Tag, your in the hot seat.

Katie K


John and Katie Flanagan said...

Yay! That was fun! I miss you.

linda said...

Fun post Karen, I'll have to think about my answers.