Friday, November 16, 2007

Tubes went well

We got to the hospital yesterday at 6:15am, and we were both pretty tired. Dana was pretty worried, but brave. We played toys and waited for the nurse to call him back. Eventually, they gave him some tylenol and something else that made him loopy. He was pretty funny. While we were waiting for the doctor in the little triage room, Dana saw SUPER WHY come on the TV. Evidently, he was frustrated with his inability to see straight, because he made goggles around his eyes with his hands to see better. The nurses and I were cracking up. Dr. Barnes, our new ENT, came to talk to us and before we knew it the whole thing was over. It's a pretty quick procedure. We were in and out of the hospital in three hours flat, our shortest time yet. Dana was a little dizzy for awhile, but over the course of the day he went back to his normal energetic self. I'm so thankful I got to go with him this time. There aren't a lot of times when I get to have uninterrupted snuggle time with Dana.

Dana at 5:45am ready to go, with is Ducky to make him brave

Drawing on the floor in his room at the outpatient unit

Dana, beginning to feel pretty loopy, on his way to triage

Again... loopy, heading for triage

Back home again, resting with Daddy

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