Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Three times a charm

Well, the ENT scheduled Dana for tubes on Thursday. The left ear drum has negative pressure, so much that his ear drum was sucked in against his bones. The right ear drum was bulging and filled with fluid (thus the pain). In both cases, his eardrums aren't allowed to vibrate correctly and it's resulting in hearing loss. Thankfully, the hearing loss is temporary. Somehow they can test his choclear (sp?) nerves and they said his long term hearing should be fine.

Please pray for Dana, if you think of him. He's really anxious about the tubes and about the whole ENT thing altogether. Despite multitudes of gummy bears and lots of jokes, Dana didn't like his doctor. Although he's been through all of this a few times, he's totally forgotten about it and he's really worried about people poking and prodding in his painful ear.

And... if you think about it pray for Matt. He came home today feeling sick too. I'm thankful that I got over the worst of it before they got into the worst of it.

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