Saturday, March 03, 2007

Update on the Millers

I mentioned earlier that our friends Justin and Holly Miller were about to have their second boy, Luke, and that he has a heart defect. Here's a brief update. Justin called last night and gave me the basics. He was driving, so I don't know a whole lot of background. What I do know is that Luke Allen (Alan?) Miller was born on Wednesday afternoon and that he looked great. The doctors said that if they hadn't known about his defect beforehand, they would have sent him home. He looked so good, in fact, that Holly and Justin were able to hold him for a few minutes, which they didn't expect to do for that long, if at all. Since then, he's been in the NICU at Vanderbilt, in Nashville. Justin said he looks just like Zach, their older son and he seems to be doing well. They had a bit of a scare yesterday, because they weren't sure if they could do surgery, which would mean Luke wouldn't make it. However, they ARE going to do the first surgery on Monday. Luke is scheduled to go in earlier in the day (maybe 11 or 12). So, please pray for the Millers this weekend and especially on Monday. I don't pretend to know all of the details, but I do know that this surgery is very important and he's a newborn. Please pray that God would use whatever means he chooses to heal Luke, that He would guide the doctors and give Justin and Holly peace as they wait and pray.

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Mandi said...

thanks for updating, Karen. We will be praying tomorrow. Let us know when you hear something.