Tuesday, March 13, 2007

having a hard time posting again

I know I've said this already, but my heart is just so very heavy with Luke's death. I am having a hard time with posting cute pictures of my kids and light-hearted tidbits from our life, because it FEELS trivial. I KNOW that our daily life isn't trivial, but I don't want to march on as if what happened to Luke hasn't shaken me. There have been other times like this, when I realize the miracle that each one of my children is healthy and that our family is growing and thriving. (not pregnant!) Surely God gives and He takes away. This is what's overwhelming me... the bountiful gifts of a gracious God. I feel like Jacob, with my son on the altar, trembling before an all-powerful, holy God, so thankful.


keri said...

I totally understand that emotion.

email me at keri [at] allthingsyoung . com and we'll set up a date and time. :)

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing, Karen. It's a breaking of our heart we need to go through periodically, mourning with those who mourn and renewing our grateful hearts.