Friday, April 01, 2011

a fresh start?

after some deliberation on the merits and challenges of facebook, i have decided to try to blog again, even though i have surely lost my followers for good. it serves as a kind of journal for me, and with as much as i am cooped up lately, i think this will be good for me.

as for why i have been cooped up, i'm pregnant with our fifth baby. this was a huge adjustment for us, because we had hoped to be done having children. God has better plans though and we are thankful that He's in charge. right now, i'm 12 weeks and counting. it's been a rough transition so far. i've been very nauseous and unable to keep up with much of our busy family life. thankfully, we made the choice to put our older two in school this year, so i'm only home with two during the day and i'm able to rest. if we were homeschooling, i'm pretty sure things would be a little bit crazier around here.

we sold our house last may. i wish i had been blogging then, because i would have posted some pictures of the house finished. it was beautiful. the only mistake we made with it was buying a smaller house to start with. it was very hard to outgrow it and leave. we love the house we're in now. it's much larger and older, with so many amazing little details, but nothing will ever feel the same as the house my husband put so much loving care into. maybe this house will feel more like home to me when our new baby comes home to it. there's such a connection with the place you have brought your babies home to. i can't think about the old house without seeing snapshots of my life as a mother in it flashing through my mind. i used to feel so cramped and crowded there, with laundry piled up and children running laps around the house. it was our life though, our family. there were messes and accidental art on the walls and delicious smells and happy screeches.

thankfully, our family is a family in this big beautiful house too. we have suddenly found a way to make every square inch of a large house messy too! we have lovely neighbors, old and young. we have flowers blooming, little friends knocking on the door, and thankful hearts. i suppose these are precious things, aren't they?


Jeannette said...

Congrats on the new baby and the new house! Hopefully you'll get some good nesting vibes to help home-ify the new place. :)

roadrunner201 said...

Awww! Just popped over to see if you had blogged recently. Congratulations on your move and on baby #5. I hear that it actually gets easier past a certain number of kids. You'll have to let me know:-) Are you still in St. Elmo?