Saturday, April 02, 2011

my arch enemy, the stomach bug

last night, clara joy woke up vomitting. i deserted my husband and puking daughter and fled to the guest room in the hopes that i wouldn't phsyche myself into throwing up too. i'm so nauseous lately that listening to someone throw up is almost unbearable. thankfully, matt handled it well and like the great hubby he is, he woke up with her throughout the night and cleaned up as needed. thankfully, i slept and didn't spend the night throwing up! i woke up discouraged though, thinking of the doom that now lay over matt's spring break and the next several days for us. i confess that i am very afraid of stomach bugs. i know they pass quickly and that God has not forgotten us, but i struggle with even the thought that my nausea is possibly going to get worse. i spent the morning feeling depressed and talking to God about it. i snuggled up in bed while the kids watched a movie and rested. i checked email and facebook. i read an update from a missionary couple in Japan, the aoyagis and a woman they met who had lost all three of her children during the earthquake/tsunami. i read about an officer who was shot and killed this morning in chattanooga. suddenly, i was thankful. when i think about my four healthy children and my husband who is alive and well it doesn't seem to matter so much about stomach bugs or nausea. i am blessed and humbled that i have been so fearful with so little to be afraid of and so much to praise God for.

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Rachael said...

So cool that you have a blog. I have one too, although I'm not always so good at updating it. I try. Hope you all don't get the flu and have an enjoyable, relaxing spring break together as a family.