Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I'm not really great with words these days. I've got that befuddled mind that settles in somewhere around month two with a newborn. I find myself stuttering through sentences while I talk to other adults or when I'm talking to the kids. I'm not complaining about the baby. He's pretty amazing and I love being his mommy. I do wish I had some more clarity of mind though.

I keep writing posts in my head and then lose them somewhere between nursing sessions and homeschooling. My life is so full right now. In all of the business, my rattled brain is constantly forgetting what day it is and a million other important things. And now I'm shedding all kinds of unnecessary things that bog me down, like perfectly folded clothes and socks that match. Until today I never realized what fun it was to set the jam, bread, and peanut butter on the table and watch the kids make their own lunch. Sure they were a wee bit peanutty in the end, but we all had fun and no one whined impatiently for me to hurry up with the sandwiches. I'm not fighting the girls to put on a matching outfit anymore either. If they want to live life in a frilly dress from the closet, so be it. I don't have time to enforce a pointless rule that makes us all unhappy. Man, I've been such a control freak. I'm trying to mend my ways.

Also, just an update on the baby sling... I'm lovin' my Maya wrap. I haven't tried much else besides the Bjorn, but I love that I can take him out of the house at naptime and let him sleep in the sling. No more baby screaming from the carseat anymore while I'm cruising Target! Most of the people I meet when we're out wrapped up love it and make lots of comments about how comfy he looks. It'll really come in handy on the big whopper of a camping trip we're going to take this summer. I don't know how he'll sleep otherwise.

Hey, one more thing about the Bean (aka Jonathan). He's lovin' his toys, but I haven't been able to find his little play mat with the hanging toys. Does anyone have a playgym-type mat that I could borrow for a few months?

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