Wednesday, November 26, 2008

thinking of Thanksgiving

I've been composing posts in my mind for weeks, and none of them seem to make it to this page. My mind's a little numb and my words are so slow, but rather than wait for the muse to strike, I'll just muddle through and try to say what's swimming around up there, regardless of how well I write it.

The last month or so has been so busy and emotionally charged. Political debates, a national election, a failing economy, a huge depressing bailout, a beautiful new baby, toddler temper tantrums, glorious Fall weather, and other things I can't remember now...

And today I'm thinking about the Pilgrims and the hardships that they suffered so they could worship God in peace. They braved an ocean, endured months of putrid food, stale air, filthy surroundings, and endless nausea, all the while praising a good God who brought them safe passage. They arrived at Plymouth, worked tirelessly to build shelter and find food, only to starve and freeze through two winters. Their suffering must have been beyond anything a spoiled American like me can imagine. And yet, they had the God-given wisdom and faith to know that God was with them, sustaining them, guiding them, and protecting them against unbelievable odds. Their Thanksgiving was an offering of thanks despite circumstances, not like ours. They knew that God gives and He takes away, and they could articulate this even in the face of starvation and death. They knew that serving God and obeying Him was more important than living comfortably.

In the midst of our nation's uncertainty and financial crisis, I am thankful for the legacy of the Pilgrims, for their faithfulness and example.

God help me to praise you in all things, in joy and hardship and give me the grace to obey and follow you even when it costs me dearly.

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Keri said...

Well said, Karen. Thanks. :)