Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Marfan

I met with a genetic counselor yesterday at Regional Obstetrics, the local perinatology office. I wasn't sure what to expect, but thankfully I was able to talk with the counselor for a long time and have an ultrasound and check up with Dr. Kipikasa (sp?). All in all, I feel very reassured that Marfan or not, I can expect a relatively safe delivery with Jonathan. Dr. K told me not to lose sleep over it (too late) and very calmly explained what they would do if my aortal root were dilated. He said I would have to deliver Jonathan passively, with an epidural, heart medicine, and forceps, but honestly, he was so calm about the whole thing that I didn't freak out. That says a lot for bedside manner.

Do I have Marfan? I don't know and they didn't know either. It's a complicated diagnosis to make. They did refer me to meet with a geneticist in September, after I've already had my echocardiogram. After meeting with the geneticist and the cardiologist, I'll see Dr. K again and they'll decide what to do from there. If the aortal root is enlarged, which would confirm the Marfan diagnosis, then I would have a passive delivery. If the aorta looks great, but they still think I have Marfan, then I'll have a normal delivery, but still technically be higher risk than the average woman in labor. If they say I'm perfectly healthy and are certain I don't have Marfan, then I'm in the clear and no worries about the delivery or my kids.

More waiting, but we have a game plan. They know what I know about my family and I'm in good hands. I'm counting my blessings and trusting that God has us securely in his hands.


Keri said...

Look at that gorgeous belly! :) I'm so thankful that you feel more at peace about it all now.

Darla said...

It sounds like you might be able to start sleeping again. I love you guys and pray for you.

grace said...

I met with Dr Kipkasa too when I was having my first one. I liked him and the genetic counselor that I met with when I was having Rehema. I did not like the genetic counselor I met with when I was having Henry, I felt like she and the doctor too (not Dr Kipkasa)were pushing too much for me to have an amniocentesis even after I told them it would not make a difference whether my baby was sick or not. You look so good in that photo. we will keep on praying

Karen said...

Thanks ladies :). I'm so thankful for the prayers and the compliments. I'm afraid the truth is that the picture is a little more flattering than seeing me in person. I'm breaking personal weight records with this pregnancy. It's a little more than humbling.