Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've always heard that women should follow their pregnancy cravings, especially when they are really sick. I think it's really interesting that I'm craving things that are amazingly high in folic acid... the latest is pickled beets. I ate a whole jar in less than 24 hours. And I've had an unbelievable desire to eat green peas. Add to the list asparagus, spinach salads, black beans, hummus, and a few others, and you have the list of foods high in folic acid from a web search I did. Funny.


grace said...

that happened to me too. I loved spinach and brocolli and they tasted so good, Rehema names them as my favorite food

Anonymous said...

Load up on the Folic has hidden talents like warding off Alzheimer's. Not kidding!!
Best wishes -

Jenn Fox Barrett

lynnp said...

Pickled beets? Ewww.

Sauerkraut gives me asthma attacks but I craved it so badly w/Gid I would sit and eat: bite, bite, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, bite, bite. Can't be healthy in any way. :}