Monday, April 28, 2008

bits and pieces of the last week

...I think I felt the baby move today. Clara was squishing my belly while we snuggled in bed and some little person inside squirmed to get away from her probing elbow.

...My dad was in the hospital this weekend with mild heart attack symptoms, and after a scary few days, he seems to be fine. We are so thankful.

...Janie had her first ballet recital this past Thursday (pictures to come) and she did a great job. She took our breath away with her red hair tied up in a bun and her sweet self in her leotard, tights and slippers. I think I'll always remember how she looked that night.

...I'm starting to see glimpses of what life will be like with no nausea. I think my good days are starting to out-number the bad ones, which is a huge relief. I still have not seen the midwife, so that's next on my to-do list, closely followed by tackling the filth that's accumulated over here. My junk piles have piles and the dirt is staring me in the face.

...Dana's in full swing with baseball ;). I wish the games weren't always around mealtimes, but so far I think he's really enjoying it.

...Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I'll post some pics soon. Promise.

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