Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Please pray

You may not know them, but Paul and Rachel Michal just had a baby boy a two weeks ago. He was born without the left side of his heart and although his surgery went well, he flatlined yesterday evening for a brief period of time. Their treatment solutions are limited and he isn't doing well. This is their first child, the result of years of trying. Please lift them up in prayer today and pray that God would heal this little baby boy. They are in Egleston (sp?) Hospital in Atlanta.


alli said...

Karen, do you have an update on the Michal's baby?

Karen said...

I know that he's a little over a month old now and that he's awaiting a heart transplant. He's slowly taking baby steps (no pun intended) towards getting better, but there is another baby in the same ward who also needs a heart transplant. This week has been encouraging, but I know that their prayer is to find a heart for Luke due to his arrythmia. I'll post a link to their site today sometime. Thanks for checking.