Wednesday, August 08, 2007

First... house progress

Despite many exhausting trips to Porter Paint with kids in tow, this week has been very encouraging. Every day the house looks better than it did the day before. If we finish this soon, this project will be the first project on our house that has ever been finished. Every other job we've done has some annoying details left hanging. We're hoping to see this one through.

Here is the house as it is this morning. I'll post another picture or two later today. The railings, pictured are the railings that Matt built, using salvaged wood from the old porch. They'll be pretty swanky looking when they're painted. The pillars will eventually (today?) all be the white/blue combo that you see below. What do you think?


willa said...

Karen, I love the white/blue columns. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't really crazy about the brown of the house over all to begin with. Then that first column got done, and the combination was amazing. The brown with the white/blue looks fantastic. I really love it, and it's not the same cookie cutter colors that everyone else in StElmo has. Bravo.

(Oh, and in our family, we like to refer to the 85% rule. A project is finished when it's 85% done)

Carl Herder said...

Karen and Matt,
Congrats on the house! It looks awesome! Though, I think hot pink would have been a better choice of color. :)

Tiffany said...

House is looking great!! Love the blue/white color!