Sunday, July 15, 2007

Washers and dryers

Our washing machine isn't at it's best right now. It isn't totally broken, but we know it's a matter of time before it's unusable. It appears to be rusting from the inside out and the agitator is clinging on for dear life. This is no surprise, because every washer and dryer we've ever owned were used and ancient-looking, but I am curious to see what you all know about certain brands and types.

I looked at some really cool, all-in-one machines that wash and dry in the same drum. They're supposedly very popular in Europe and they're developed enough now to be reliable. They run about $500 to $1600, depending on the brand and size. Most of them are fairly small, but water and energy efficient.

I have always liked the front loading stackers too, but they are even more expensive and I don't even begin to know what brand is the best.

There is also the smaller, stacked unit, made by several companies, with a top-loading washer on the bottom, and a front-loading dryer on top. They're a little awkward, but cheaper and they can be energy efficient.

I want to figure out what will be the best option for us, and either save to buy later or watch the paper and craigslist to find one sooner.

Any opinions?


katiek said...

we got affinity stackables from Sears scratch and dent. they have a good selection. we got the regular side by side ones then we found out we had to get the super efficient ones because of our super-green house. so, darn, we had to get fancy wsher and dryer. Anyway, Amber cooley and I both have those, Affinity stackable. it's from fridgadaire. If you're lucky you can score blue or red ones!! Mine are just white:( (sorry for spelling typpos I'm commenting fast before we leave)

Darla said...

There's a lot of information at consumer

Anonymous said...

The downside of the washer/dryer all in one European models is that the dryer takes FOREVER to dry clothes.

The Miller's said...

As for washers & dryers--I agree that the all in one will likely take forever (not that I have personal experience). Seems space efficient but not time efficient. We have the super-large capacity ones. You will save so much in the end (if you can do all your laundry in 3 loads not 6 think of all the time, water, electricity saved!).

As for your lead levels...I am ashamed to confess that I, also, did not pray that God would make the repeat tests come out normal. It is especially shameful because I believe that God healed Luke's brain from the bleeding he had right after birth. The Miller's don't have all the answers on prayer. Clearly we knew at one minute for Luke there was bleeding, then it was gone...but then Luke was gone a week later. Regardless, I still trust that God answers prayer--and did for ya'll. I wish I could see you next week but I know Zach & Justin will have a good time!