Monday, July 02, 2007

Confusing News

After a lot of calling and confusion today, here's the info. Dana and Janie's bloodwork came back and somehow it's clear of lead. Our pediatrician and her nurse are on vacation until next week, so all of this is coming second hand through another doctor in the practice. Second hand, she told me that the kids are fine and to take them home. I don't know whether to be excited or upset. I called a second time at lunch time and I've asked the nurse to call me back, so I can ask her more questions. A friend of ours, who is a doctor, recommended that we take new samples here in Atlanta in order to confirm the other samples. Obviously, one of the tests was wrong and I want to be sure that the kids are safe before I take them home. I wish Dr. Spraggins was in town, because she would take time to explain everything and I know she would be very thorough.

Anyway, due to the confusion, we will stay in Atlanta until we know more. If I can get the other doctor to order more blood samples for an Atlanta children's hospital, then we'll go down tomorrow morning and have blood drawn again. Hopefully, the blood will confirm the good results of the second test, in which case, we'll go home or at least back to Chattanooga. I'm still hesitant to stay in the house until the first coat of primer is up.

Thank you all for your prayers. This has been incredibly trying and exhausting, and yet the past few days have been strangely relaxing. I know God is answering your prayers for our comfort, because my normal hyperbolic (borrowed from Josh Green) anxiety has been hushed and quieted amidst all of the tumult. I'll update as soon as I know more.


willa said...

You know, that is what happened to us. We had the kids tested at the pediatrician's office, and Sam's level was too high. They sent us to TCThompson and he was fine. I think it's because the nature of the ped office "prick" allows for easier contamination (from dirty hands, whatever) than the blood drawn from a vein in the arm.
Then again, we had a season of prayer for you guys at church yesterday, and so we really shouldn't be surprised by the results. :)

BobW said...

similar story for us. check Matt's email for the longer version from Michelle.