Monday, February 26, 2007

Please pray for...

our friends Justin and Holly Miller. Holly is due to have her second little boy at the end of this week. His name is Luke and he has a heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. If you look to your lower right, you'll see a link to their blog, with a better explanation of what this condition is. The gyst is that Luke will have to have a series of surgeries, the first one being very soon after birth. Please pray that 1) Holly would go into labor on her own; 2) she would be able to deliver Luke on her own without any stress to baby Luke; 3) that God would heal Luke; 4) that God would comfort and sustain them durning this time; 5) and that God would use this entire situation to show His glory to all of their doctors, friends, and family. Holly is an ObGyn herself, so she's better informed than the rest of us mommies, but I'm sure that she needs God's peace and comfort just as much as the rest of us. Please remember them in your prayers this week and I'll try to post more information as I hear it.

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