Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dana's Do

I made a deal with Dana last week. His hair is so thick, that it's hard for me to wash his hair while he sits up in the tub. I told him that he either had to start taking a shower and washing his own hair, or he had to let me cut his hair with the clippers. He's afraid of the clippers, so haircuts were getting diffiucult and they took twice as long, due to using mostly scissors. He chose to get a short haircut, which surprised me. Due to major bedhead on Sunday morning, I buzzed it off that morning before church. He was super excited about showing his friends his new do. Matt's not to big on no bangs, but I love it. He's just overflowing with little-boy handsomeness.

Oh, and by the way. I had to take him to see Dr. Spraggins yesterday, because his ear hurt. The nurse said he weighed in at just under 50lbs! That means he's gained 8 1/2 lbs since August!!!! No wonder he always says he's hungry.


John and Katie Flanagan said...

He looks so much like Matt, now. My little guy is getting so big!!!

katiek said...

my boy is such a string bean! He weighs 10 lbs LESS than Dana and is the same height? maybe?

Karen said...

Dana's got the Minnesota farming gene somewhere in him: stocky, tall, built like a brick s--- house.