Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last night was freak out your mommy night at the Monahan house

Last night around 2am, I heard Dana outside the back door, calling to Matt. He said, "Daddy?! Daddy?! Where are my clothes?" I heard the door open and shut and, thinking I might be dreaming, I told Matt what I heard and he flew out of bed, shouting, "Who is that?!!" I think Matt thought someone was breaking in to our house. I've never seen him wake up so fast. Poor Dana was crying by this point, but still not awake. When Matt brought him to our bed, he insisted that Daddy was waiting for him outside and if he could just get his clothes on, then he could go help Daddy out with the treehouse. Evidently, while he was sleeping, he climbed down from the top bunk and searched his room for his clothes. When he couldn't find them, he wrapped himself up in a blanket and went in search of Matt. He unlocked the back door and went outside. Thankfully, he went out the back door which is right next to our bedroom, so we heard him. Had he gone out the front door, I don't know what would have happened. We're so close to a busy street. The freaky thing is that his eyes were open and you'd never know that he was really asleep by looking at him. He really could have hurt himself. Yes, this is what kept me awake long after he finally fell asleep again. I spent the next two hours thinking of what-ifs and worrying about future nights.

Simultaneously, Jonathan decided to sleep an 8-hour stretch last night, which was wonderful. Even after four babies, though, I still get paranoid the first few times it happens. So... while I worried about Dana, I worried about Jonathan as my chest swelled and throbbed. Finally, I went to get him up. I figured if I was going to be awake worrying, I could at least get through the inevitable feeding at the same time, right? Then, Aaaaaa! Where is the baby? Jonathan was completely covered up in his warm winter blanket. How he was even breathing is beyond me. Thankfully, he was just fine and blissfully sleeping away, but I woke him anyway and boy did he have an appetite. Good thing, cuz he had one whopper of a dinner to eat.

So that was my night last night and tonight I'm left wondering what to do about my sleepwalking boy. Obviously we need to put an extra lock high up on the doors, but does anyone else have any experience with this?

I'm considering moving him to the bottom bunk and seeing a urologist to determine if this could be bladder-related. I read that kids with distended bladders deal with this too and a couple things have happened since this summer that made me think he might have a bladder problem. He holds his water pretty well, but too well I think. He went two days without peeing this summer. AND... distended bladders are supposedly connected to constipation, which he definitely deals with all the time. Alright, TMI. This entry is officially over.


Anonymous said...
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Keri said...

What a weird comment (the one just before me) - anyway. You could try putting some kind of jingle bells on his door so you would hear him if he opened it at night. I've thought of that myself - though for different reasons. I can imagine how freaked out you must have felt! Wow.

Seeking Him, Megan said...

My 6 year old daughter sometimes sleep walks like that! When she used to do it alot, I put a baby gate up in the hallway, so she could get to my room or the bathroom, but not down the hall and to the doors! The doctor told me to never wake her up, but to walk her back to her bed, and put her back to sleep. It works, and she doesn't do it much anymore. It is freaky though, with her eyes wide open!

Chris and Curt said...

That is crazy!!! Scary. I'll let you know if he shows up in Brown's room looking for some clothes one night.