Monday, May 05, 2008

It's been awhile since I...

whined about the state of things in Monahan-land. I've been hesitant to go on and on about feeling sick, not because I'm that much of a trooper. I've just been convicted that whining about my nausea woes is pretty pathetic when I have more than one friend who has suffered a miscarriage this year. We also do get quite a few rude comments about the new baby from people who obviously don't understand the gift and miracle each new life is. In an effort to live out our beliefs about the life of each child, I have tried as much as I can to keep the whining to a minimum. I've been trying (not perfectly) to show that this tiny helpless person is worth all of the sickness and much more.

That being said, life has been a little crazy around here and I thought I would give you a peek into what we're up to. I have still not had a prenatal visit to my midwife. I've been too sick to manage the chore of finding childcare for the kids, dropping them off at someone's house, and driving all the way out to the appointment, only to have an INTERNAL EXAM (yuck), and then rush home to pick up my kids and make dinner. It's much easier for all of us to stare bleary-eyed at Sesame Street while I snuggle in my bed with the kids. Before my dear friends worry about me too much I'll say that I do have an exam scheduled for Thursday, which will still be tricky, because Clara, Jane and I all have the remnants of some mutant nasty monster cold. That's actually why I finally scheduled the appointment... I think I may have a sinus infection and rather than suffer for weeks on end, I would like to kick it's nasty butt with some antibiotics this time.

I think I'll try to get Clara in tomorrow. She's had the same cough for weeks and it's getting worse. I don't understand chronic coughs. Could it be asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis? It's a mystery. I'm trusting our wonderful Dr. Spraggins to sort it all out for me.

Two months of no homeschooling has taken it's toll on Dana. The poor guy is shedding tears over the most ridiculous things. When I kick this cold's butt, Dana and I are going to start setting aside time in the afternoons again. He loves it and it's so good for him. I think this time I'm going to try to get Janie more involved though. She's such a bright little thing and I know she'd be able to handle more of a challenge.

Okay, I'm out of steam. It's that time of night again. Wish I had something to say that was thought-provoking and profound. Blessings to you and yours.


Heather said...

Hey Karen,

You don't know me yet, but this is Heather, Liz McCrea's friend that she called you about the other day. We'll be moving to your neck of the woods as soon as our house sells. Thanks for the info you sent via Liz. I hope we can meet up sometime when we get into town. I wanted to say how excited I am about your precious one on the way. It makes me sad that some people can't see what a blessing children are. I have a dear friend who is expecting #7, and they get lots of grief from total strangers. Anyway, I am thankful for your faithfulness.
BTW, I am an Alison Krauss fan, too!
Hope to meet you soon,
Heather C.

lynnp said...

I think about you and pray for you often. While we know these tiny ones are worth it, it's still such a tough time being sick non-stop. It takes its toll in every way on each one in the family. I'll pray for continued perspective, energy and DELIVERANCE!

roadrunner201 said...

This made me think of you guys, not because you have 4 kids, but because the name of their movement is called Quiverfull. Be prepared, however. With all these pregnancy hormones surging through me, I was crying and crying by the end!

P.S. Shame on people who give you a hard time about the number of kid you have. Remember who I lived with in college? The dad told me that a church they went to once offered them a vasectomy instead of financial help when they were in a hardship period. What the? It is a joy when parents bring children in to the world and raise them in the ways of the Lord.

John and Katie Flanagan said...

I demand pictures of the new livingroom set!!