Sunday, March 30, 2008

LONG overdue update

I'm staying home from church today, cuz I just feel cruddy. I won't go into details. You all know what I'm feeling. No need to whine any longer. I will fill you in on what's going on in the Monahan clan though...

Matt is about to start a new RTS class, with the goal of taking three classes this year. He's also working on various unfinished projects around the house: toe-kicks under the kitchen cabinets, rebuilding a sketchy-looking support wall in the basement, trimming out windows and doorways and, hopefully, installing our bedroom and closet doors. On our awesome Spring Break with the Oligs (pictures to come), he caught a bunch of trout with Nick, which he was quite proud of. They took the better part of a day and floated the Toccoa River, fly-fishing the whole way. I think it amounted to a whole lot of stress relief for both Nick and Matt.

Dana is doing well. We are taking a break from the structure of our homeschool curriculum, until Mommy feels better. In the meantime, he's enjoying playing baseball for the first time. His friend Aiden Kennedy is on his team too, which is a plus for Dana. It's so good for him to make friends with other boys. There really are so few boys his age that we know. He's also enjoying the new freedom of being allowed to play in the backyard more often. With the new fence, he can go outside to play in the sand and I don't have to worry about sitting with him all the time. Now I'm left wondering if I should lather the poor pasty kid's body in sunscreen, EVERY time he goes outside, seeing as he's been getting weekly sunburns ;). His thoughtful and sensitive heart continue to amaze me as he watches out for his sick Mama. I've had countless beautiful pictures and encouraging kisses and hugs.

Jane is growing like a weed. She was such a tiny peanut as a baby and now she's all bare ankles and wrists in most of her clothes. She and Clara have started to bond and enjoy their girlness a bit more, instead of being dependent upon Dana for direction and fun. They love to play princess and dance ballet shows for us. I know most sisters struggle to like each other, but I hope they stay close. I realized way to late what a treasure my own sister was. Back to Janie... She's been a huge help to me lately. I know I can always count on her to happily help me set the table or talk to me while I cook. She's such a nurturer and giver and I'm reminded daily of what a gift she is to me. She's also started to take ballet, at her request, and she's proven to be a graceful little dancer. Her instructor was surprised that she hadn't had lessons before this. She has a recital coming up this month, and she's keeping the dance she's practicing a huge secret from us.

Clara Joy is still delightfully funny and ridiculously strong-willed. "Clara" means "bright" and every time I think about that I laugh. She's more like a blaze, but I can't wait to see what God will accomplish with her determination and cheerfulness. Right now she's taken on potty-training herself and she's succeeding. The little sprite hops onto the big potty unassisted, wipes herself, dresses and undresses, and all without any prompting from me. This is a very new experience for us. I've heard that it happens, but I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it for myself. She's amazing me and her Daddy with her courage and will. She's also quite the book worm. If Matt or I sit for more than a minute, she's in our lap with a book within seconds. She has most of her favorites memorized, like Ask Mr. Bear and We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Also, she had tube surgery a little bit ago and that went well. The wake-up from anesthesia was pretty brutal, but we've been clear of ear infections for awhile, so it appears to be working so far.

I'm doing better, with the exception of a few bad days. Even now, I feel impatient to meet this new little Monahan and snuggle the little babe in my arms. It's so hard to wait.

I've been too sick to post anything for awhile, but this week, my sister's father-in-law died of congestive heart failure. Will you please join me in praying for their family. Katie and John are currently living in the Netherlands, while he works on his doctorate. They were able to fly home to be with John's dad before he died, and thankfully, they were still here when he died. Please pray that they will be comforted in their grief and goodbyes, especially as they have to prepare to head back to the Netherlands again.

Also, Matt's mom, Pam, is currently in the hospital. The doctors think she may have had a heart attack and are running a bunch of tests. We're hoping that she'll be well enough to go home today, but we're waiting to hear more results today. If you think of her, will you pray for her?


John and Katie Flanagan said...

Love you. Thanks for your sweet words.

em said...

cheers for the lovely update, karen! it's good to know how to pray for you guys.

vanckirby said...

i wanna see some trout pictures :b