Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Easy Kid-Friendly Meal

Either Family Fun or Cookie suggested a variation of this idea in last month's issue... I can't remember which one, but my kids were very excited about dinner tonight. They begged to put the different plates on the table and asked for thirds, which usually only happens with meatloaf. I think we'll make this a regular meal.

Do-It-Yourself Salad Dinner

Large Bowl of cut, washed lettuce (red lettuce, romaine, or spinach, or all of them)
Any Salad Dressings you have in the fridge
A variety of Salad toppings (the ones listed below are what we put out tonight, but apples, left over meat, croutons, and anything else you like on salad would work well)
carrots, cut into bits
green onion, diced
tomatoes, diced
shredded cheddar cheese
almonds, sliced
two hard boiled eggs, diced

Place the bowl of lettuce on the table and set plates with the different toppings around the bowl. Place some lettuce on everyone's plate and then let everyone at the table put a bit of everything they like on their salad. Then, allow them to pick their favorite dressing and there you have it. My kids were very proud of their creations. It also just so happened that the bread came out of the oven right as we finished dinner, so we also had a slice or two of bread with butter on it. Also, a lot of the toppings I put out were leftovers from something else I made this week, or things I have sitting around in bits. I didn't really buy anything extra for this other than the lettuce and edamame. This was a cheap meal for us. ;)


John and Katie Flanagan said...

Mom used to do this when we lived in the 25th ave. house. So fun. Miss you.

Karen said...

She did??! You're memories are so much better than mine. Maybe that's why we all liked it so much... warm memories of Mom's cooking... ;)