Friday, October 05, 2007

Dave Ramsey

This month, we are trying something different, in the hopes that we will change the way we spend money. Matt borrowed THE TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER, by Dave Ramsey and he's going to take over the finances. He drew up a monthly and yearly budget and it was pretty scary. As a result, we're cutting our costs here and there and we're going to start saving as big a chunk of money as we can each month. Here's a list of other things we're doing to cut costs.

--less driving around with kids and more walking to the playground and/or playing in the backyard, which saves gas
--less meat at the table, which won't kill us... we barely bought any when Matt worked at CCS
--shopping at Aldi first, before Walmart
--no eating out
--not running water while we brush teeth, only to rinse the toothbrush
--homemade Christmas presents for the kids: I want to make them a doorway puppet theater and I'm going to make them each their own special gigantic hooded towel
--$5-$10 birthday gifts, bought or homemade
--we're selling our super Craigslist deal of a Bosch washer/dryer set and buying a large capacity top-loader instead (less loads, less work, less money spent on energy)
--yard sales! I went to a huge neighborhood one at Mission Glen and got lots of great stuff and some alone time with Dana
--driving the speed limit, especially on trips (saved us a wad of cash last time we went to Kentucky)


Anonymous said...

Oh! Jeff and I LOVE the Money Makeover! We started it two years ago and got out of so much debt and put so much away in savings (almost to our goal of a house down payment!).

Sooo, is that washer and dryer a stacking set? If so, how much is it going for?

Lisa Roerdink

Karen said...

It is a stacking set. I put it on craigslist for $800, but it's worth a heck of a lot more.

vanckirby said...

matt, more catching bass for the table!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Craigs List! I found my truck through them:-)


keri said...

We also love Dave Ramsey. We did the Financial Peace 12 week thing right after we were married and i think it was the best thing we ever did (although I went kicking and screaming in the beginning). We still use the envelope system and it works for the most part. I'm proud of you all for making such an effort! I look forward to hearing a progress report in a few months. :)

andyp said...

Go with da man Dave! We are working on paying off my student loans from Covenant. I listen to his Friday radio show programs for inspiration. It's awesome hearing people get serious and pay off their debts on normal or less incomes.
Getting the budget thing down is tough. We've been doing it for over six months and are much better but it's always tough to say 'no' to wants. I even delivered pizzas for two months part time to kick some loan butt!