Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First Curves Report

Yesterday was my first weigh-in since I joined Curves at the end of May. As I said before, the weight hasn't really changed
(-.5lbs). I did lose 5.5 inches all over and I lost 1.7% of my body fat. My arm measurement gained an inch, which is interesting, because the kids have made a big deal about my "big muscles" everyday that I go to Curves. They always want to see them and they always think my biceps are a little bit bigger than they were an hour earlier. It's pretty cute. I love my little peanut gallery. Matt's been super supportive too. He's the one who has to manage pirana hour at our house while I dash out the door twice a week and he's been very encouraging and quick to compliment. All in all, this has been very good for our family. It's forced us to be more organized and it's helped to reinforce the importance of staying healthy with the kids. I don't think you have to spend the money and do Curves to accomplish that, but this has worked well for us and I'm thankful for the option.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Karen! The inch loss is just as significant as any pound loss could ever be. Living healthy habits out in front of your children - that's wonderful!

Lisa R.

John and Katie Flanagan said...

Karen-- good for you. I miss you guys :-( I updated the blog last night, by the way! I also brought my camera to school today so I will try to get some pictures. Kisses to my beautiful redheads (and Clara!)


Anonymous said...

Where do you go to curves Karen? I've been wanting to try to exercise regularly, but its just so hard to get up at 6am to get out walking. Maybe I should consider curves?

Karen said...

There's a Curves in Tiftonia, in a little plaza on the left right after the tunnel. I could get you a guest pass if you're interested.