Saturday, April 28, 2007

I is for...

Impetigo. It's pretty gross. Clara has a crater on her nose from it, as well as an ear infection (not related). She had it for a week before I took her in. I tried really hard not to be a paranoid mama, but by yesterday I was freaking out and so was she. Matt had to come home from work, because we are down to one car this week. Then Clara and I loaded up in the jeep and went to see Dr. Spraggins. Now we're washing everything and pumping her with meds. Poor thing. Apparently, impetigo is pretty contagious, as is pink eye, which Matt is suffering from. He's also got a wicked sore throat, and interestingly, impetigo can be caused by strep, so Dr. Spraggins ran a culture on Clara. If it comes back positive, she's going to treat all of us. This has really enforced the importance of washing hands. All of these things are hygiene-related illnesses, so I'm now the hand-washing nazi at our house. I know, I know. A little germs and bacteria can be a good thing, but when we're sick all the time, something's gotta change.

Here's my little cutie with her blight.

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keri said...

Yuck. I'm so sorry you all are going through that. I was just thinking today about the love/hate relationship I have with germs. With Rachel I was so lax about public places and truly believed that germs were good. But after both of them having pneumonia this winter and the perpetual runny noses, I've become much more concientious about it. I even bought a high chair cover and a portable placemat.